Peerless Properties (Oxford) Ltd – Data Protection – Privacy Notice


Who We Are

Peerless Properties (Oxford) Ltd is a specialist (Block) Property Management business. We are engaged by Freehold owners or Resident Management Companies to look after the interests of their developments. We advise on maintaining and sustaining properties’ common areas (eg: stairs, halls, entrances, roofs, gardens, parking and shared services), managing finances by collecting service charges/ground rents and paying contractors or suppliers; as well as ensuring compliance with relevant statute. We are registered to hold data with the Information Commissioner’s Office and this privacy notice details how we comply with GDPR legislation (effective 25 May 2018) to protect your information.

What We Are Using Your Information For

We keep current contact data relating to individuals who own property at client sites that we manage in order to:

  1. Collect service charges or ground rents.
  2. Inform and communicate about works and activities affecting the site.
  3. Maintain accurate records of property owners.
  4. Contact individuals in the event of emergencies (fire, water leaks, etc)
  5. Provide contact information for contractors (or emergency services) requiring access to areas or properties to fulfil their obligations or duties
  6. Respond to requests for information in the course of a sale

In compliance with current Data Protection legislation we use data only for the above limited purposes and keep such data for the relevant period of ownership.

We rely on individuals (and their agents) to inform us of changes in their data (eg: moving into or out of a property/change of ownership) and cannot be held responsible for retaining out of date data if we have not been informed. When we are informed we update our records and (if appropriate) delete data records that are no longer relevant.

Who We Share Your Data With

ata is never shared with anyone for sales or marketing purposes.

Data about any individual is only shared with third parties in emergencies, or where necessary for compliance with contractual or relevant laws, and with relevant contractors or agents where necessary to fulfil their obligations (eg: repairs, insurance claim assessments, improvements, etc).

Potential Other Uses of Your Data

Your data is not used for any other purpose than those stated above.

Checking What Data We Have About You

You can ask us at any time to confirm the information we have about you. Please e-mail or telephone 01869 331198 and request ‘what data Peerless Properties hold about me’.

Our full Privacy Notice is available to download here.